HMIS - Homeless Management Information System

Service Point

Service Point by Bowman Systems is the HMIS selected for use for federally funded housing programs in Louisiana.   For technical assistance with Service Point including setting up new programs and users please contact the HMIS lead person for your CoC.   For the LCHC, please send an email to .     Service Point website:

LSNDC - Louisiana Services Network Data Consortium

The LSNDC is a statewide network that is broken up into ten regions consisting of Continua of Care (collection of nonprofit agencies) that are dedicated to empowering nonprofit agencies in Louisiana whose mission is to serve the homeless population of our state.   The primary purpose of the LSNDC System is to provide a client and service data management tool to aid the ten regional Continua of Care to end homelessness in Louisiana.  Website:

Data Quality

Programs that are required to enter data into an HMIS are also required to maintain specific data quality standards.   Failure to collect the data or to maintain data standards may adversely affect funding for the program and potentially for the entire continuum of care.   Specific data collection templates (assessments) are setup in HMIS for each program type.   In addtion to basic demographic information, HMIS collects data for each program entry and exit.  To track your data quality, your HMIS lead can provide you with regular data quality reports.


Key Aspects of Data Quality

1.  Completeness:  All required data sections should be fully completed.

2.  Accuracy:  All data entered should be true, accurate, and consistent with data in other sections.

3.  Timeliness:  All data should be entered within 24 hours of the related activity (assessment, entry, service, discharge, etc.)

4.  ROI (Release of Information):  HMIS ROI's should be completed and signed for each client entered into HMIS and the ROI section in HMIS completed for each paper ROI signed.

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