Centralized / Coordinated Entry

The Centralized / Coordinated Entry process is used to obtain a comprehensive assessment of someone seeking housing, to determine eligibility, and to facilitate referrals to providers of housing and other needed resources.   Please refer any persons needing homelessness assistance to the Centralized Assessment team at  (985) 873-7784.     PHA Guide to Coordinated Assessment

Emergency Housing (EH)

Emergency Housing is used to provide immediate, short-term housing.  The legnth of stay should not exceed 6 months.   In addtiona to being literally homless, emergeny housing programs may have other specific eligibility criteria such as being a veteran, fleeing domestic violence, having homeless children in the household, etc.   a person in emergency housing is considered to be homeless.  Emergency housing providers in our the LCHC area include The Haven, The Bunkhouse, Beautiful Beginnings, The Network, and the Terrebonne Veteran's Shelter.      HUD Emergency Shelter Grants Program

Transitional Housing (TH)

Transitional Housing is generally provided for up to 2 years.  In addition to being literally homeless there may be other specific eligibility requirements.  A person in transitional housing is considered to be homeless.  Transitional housing providers in our CoC include New Start for Veterans and  Safe Start II.   Transitional Housing is no longer a high priority for HUD funding.   Rapid Rehousing is considered the preferred method to replace traditional transitional housing.     Shifting Transitional Housing to RRH

Permanent Housing (PH)

 As the name suggests, this is houwing that can continue indefinitely.   In addition to being literally homeless, there may be other specific eligibility requirements.     Housing First in Permanent Housing

Rapid Rehousing (RRH)

Rapid Rehousing provides temporary financial assistance and supportive services to quickly return homeless individuals and families to permanent and stable housing.   Services typically including assistance in finding suitable housing, financial assistance related to moving in, and case management services to help ensure that the housing remains stable.   Examples of RRH programs in the LCHC include Supports and Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) and Terrebonne Parish RRH.    Rapid Rehousing Brief

Housing First

Housing first is not a type of housing program, it is an evidence-based approach to housing that focuses on quickly returning individuals and families to permanent housing and the offering voluntary support  services as needed.   Please see this HUD document for more informationHousing First Fact Sheet

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